Caleigh Maine -10If you haven’t found out yet, my name isn’t healtheigh living. I’m Caleigh and I’m currently a full-time student studying nutrition & dietetics at the University of Massachusetts.

Like most other girls I’ve encountered, I have struggled with body image and eating for far too long. I won’t waste time on the details, but things became pretty dark for awhile. It came to the point where exercise, calories and weight consumed my thoughts at every moment. With my mind and body running around all day, I was constantly exhausted hardly having energy to even hangout with family or friends.

I let myself believe the silly diet fads were the secret to staying thin and healthy. I avoided carbs like the plague and would only let myself eat at certain times during the day regardless of how hungry I was.
Eventually I came out of that darkness in time to realize that food wasn’t the enemy, in fact it was a weapon. Surrounding myself with positivity and pushing away destructive thoughts, I found myself able to see things clearly. No longer depriving myself of certain things, I began to embrace all types of foods instead of running away from them.
When you eat good, you feel good. Eating more, eating wholesome, and more importantly having b a l a n c e, has given me outcomes in all aspects of my life that would have NEVER been possible had I continued with my destructive habits. Fitness has become such a huge part of my life as a result of this fight, but thankfully I’ve been able to channel my once punishment for my food choices into an activity that brings me joy and makes me feel strong/amazing about myself.

Though I’ve come a long way from the harder times, I’m still on my journey to the best me. And if you’re going through anything similar, or just have a passion for health and fitness like me, read through; get inspired; reach out; and always always keep fighting for your best life.


~Hope you enjoy~


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