Lookin’ Up

After a crappy week of anxiety-filled confusion and self-pity, I brought my butt to the gym to think. As I was walking down the sidewalk, a thought popped into my head that put my shitty mood in a new perspective. My mood, I realize, wasn’t from feeling guilty about what I had eaten that day. I wasn’t running off to the gym to unburden myself from that extra slice of pizza I ate last night- thoughts that haunted me for so many months. Walking towards the gym didn’t feel like an obligation to myself as it once did. Instead, hopping on the treadmill to sweat out the negativity of the week was a treat. As I ran I began to feel the weight of stress come off with every mile. There is just something about letting your body do the work and not your mind that brings such a feeling of balance.

Having the ability to channel my frustration through exercise has gotten me through hard times and I often take it for granted. Seeing life outside the scope of “skinny, skinny, skinny” on loop- you begin to realize just how important your body really is. It’s what allows you to take those long runs, to swim at the beach, to lift those weights, to travel, to get back up even after falling flat on your face. All of it isn’t possible without the health of your body. That should always come first.

Knowing this, I understand that treating your body like something sacred and important is SO necessary. Skipping meals, saying “no” to anything doesn’t have to do with burning calories, criticizing yourself so harshly, constant stress. These all inhibit your wellbeing and your beautiful body doesn’t deserve it.

So the challenge then is to give yourself credit. Work hard, but don’t expect to always have your shit together. Because what kind of life is that anyway?

Everyday is a new day, full of opportunity…

& yummy oatmeal



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