Oats Erryday

If I’m being honest breakfast is essentially the best part of my day everyday. Oatmeal is my personal favorite and it’s sometimes the motivation to get out of bed on those sleeping in kind of days. Being in college oatmeal is the perfect choice for those days when you’re running around and can hardly find the time to squeeze in meals. It keeps you full and satisfied for hours afterwards. Another reason for my love of oats is that they’re so versatile and give you so many fun options to prepare them! You can enjoy classic oatmeal, steel cut oats (personal fav), quick cook oatmeal, overnight oats. The topping suggestions are endless with bananas, apples, berries, seeds (chia, sunflower) and nuts to name a few. I typically cook mine with water in the microwave for 2-3 minutes then add almond or soy milk and cinnamon for flav. I also typically always add PB (Kemps smooth or chunky is amazing) because I have an extreme addiction. Starting my day off with some good oatmeal (++can’t forget coffee) sets a wholesome note for my day and keeps those positive vibes flowing through the morning. Try out some of these delish combos and see for yourself!

Classic oats with fresh peaches and blueberries topped with wild friends cinnamon raisin PB
Overnight oats soaked in almond milk with half a ‘nana and blackberries. 

Other recipes of mine include:

Sliced apples and walnuts with honey

Rasberries & almonds

Sliced Pear with raisins

~Get eating’


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