What España Taught Me

I recently had the amazing opportunity to travel to Spain for two weeks. I was able to reconnect with my brother after 15 months & had quality time with my cousin that was so special. The time spent in Europe was never wasted, seeing new things everyday and learning more and more about the culture, […]

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Apples & Oranges

Okay so if you’re anything like me you overthink e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I can hardly decide what font to use in this blog, let alone make bigger decisions like what classes to take next semester or what I want to do when I graduate. For the most part, my stress is self inflicted and such an unhealthy […]

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College Eats

Keeping yourself healthy at school can seem impossible, especially with all the tempting foods in the dining hall. Some schools have better choices than others, but choosing some healthier alternatives is typically available at any school. Now I’m not saying 100% clean eating can necessarily be achieved in college dining, but getting some veggies, fruits […]

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Switching Things Up

Not even a year ago you could find me running miles and miles on the treadmill or down all the streets of my neighborhood. Unsurprisingly, my focus was on cardio, cardio and *shocker* more cardio. As my fitness goals began to evolve, I still continued those similar patterns of excessive cardio without really understanding the […]

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Lookin’ Up

After a crappy week of anxiety-filled confusion and self-pity, I brought my butt to the gym to think. As I was walking down the sidewalk, a thought popped into my head that put my shitty mood in a new perspective. My mood, I realize, wasn’t from feeling guilty about what I had eaten that day. […]

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